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Full Kit

<span class=title>Complete Kit - Without frame</span><p class=details style=display:none;>⭐ 40% cheaper then framing locally<br>⭐ Easier painting experience<br>⭐ Oak wood frame.</p> Image Complete Kit - Without frame
<span class=title>Complete Kit - Framed</span><p class=details>⭐ Ready to paint & hang<br>⭐ Enhances painting experience<br>⭐ 40% cheaper than local framing paint</p> Image Complete Kit - Framed

⭐ Ready to paint & hang
⭐ Enhances painting experience
⭐ 40% cheaper than local framing paint

Color Pallete

24 Colors
36 colors (+6 hours to paint)
48 colors (+12 hours to paint)

Create Art from Memories with Paint Mood's 'Personalized Paint-by-Numbers Kit. Turn photos into hand-painted art effortlessly. Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts.

It includes a pre-numbered canvas, vibrant paints, and quality brushes, with an optional frame for display.

This kit is more than a craft; it's a therapeutic journey enhancing focus, creativity, and accomplishment.

Simply upload a photo, receive your tailored kit, and enjoy a relaxing, artistic adventure. Discover your inner artist with every brushstroke.

What's in the Kit?

All our Paint by Numbers kits include everything you need:

  • Linen canvas with numbers
  • Full size reference
  • Paint set with numbers
  • 3 brushes
  • Getting Started quick guide
  • Free tips and tricks ebook.
How It Works?

First timer? No problem!

  1. Upload your photo
  2. Wait 1-2 weeks for processing + shipping
  3. Unpack your kit and get started!

Our kits included everything you need to create beautiful art!

How To Do It?

Getting Started:

  1. Set Up: Open your kit, lay out the pre-printed canvas, paints, and brushes.
  2. Plan: Review the canvas. Each number matches a paint color.
  3. Paint: Choose a starting point. Apply paint to the matching numbered areas. Work systematically to avoid smudges.

Brush Cleaning:

  1. Rinse: After using a color, rinse the brush in water until the paint clears.
  2. Soap Wash: Gently wash the bristles with mild soap, rinse until clean.
  3. Reshape & Dry: Reshape the brush tip and lay it flat to dry.

Remember: Clean your brush every time you switch colors to keep colors pure and brushes in good shape.

Canvas Sizing

Painting Size: 20" x 16" (50 x 40cm)
Total Canvas Size: 22.5" x 18.5" (57 x 47cm)

Shipping Info

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Easy and Fun: The PaintMood Experience Explained

Paint Mood


Paint Mood


Paint Mood


Artful Serenity Awaits

Soothe Your Spirit, Craft Your Calm 🎨🖌️

With each stroke, our paint by numbers kit weaves a tapestry of tranquility, rewarding you with a masterpiece that's a testament to your inner peace.

Experience the joy of painting

What's in the Kit?

All our Paint by Numbers kits include everything you need:

  • Linen canvas with numbers
  • Full size reference
  • Paint set with numbers
  • 3 brushes
  • Getting Started quick guide
  • Free tips and tricks ebook.

Explore the Advantages of Painting by Numbers

What It Is and Its Benefits

Paint By Numbers turns images into numbered sections for coloring, offering a stress-relieving and creative pastime.

It sharpens focus, boosts self-esteem, and allows for emotional expression, all while enhancing mental and physical well-being.

Amazing Experience
This is for You

New to Painting? No Problem!

  • 82% of customers never tried before
  • No Experience Necessary: Jump in without any prior skills.
  • Free eBook: Get our Tips & Tricks guide at no cost.
  • Simple Process: Just follow our paint-by-numbers for easy success.
  • Join Many Others: 84% of our customers were beginners and excelled.
  • Easy to Start: It's simpler than you think to unleash your creativity.

The Premium Paint Kit - A Perfect Gift for Art Lovers

The Perfect Gift

"Capture the Sparkle in Your Pet's Eyes, the Joy of Laughter with Family and Friends, or the Magic of a Sunset on a Dream Getaway.

Bring these Cherished Moments to Life with Each Stroke on Your Personalized Paint by Numbers Canvas."

Free with Every Purchase

Tips & Tricks eBook

Discover top Paint by Numbers strategies and secrets for flawless artwork.

✔️ All you need to know

✔️ Easy to follow

✔️ Verified by real painters

Your Art Journey Begins Here!

Simple Steps to Create Your Masterpiece

Start your artistic adventure with a Paint by Numbers kit.

It's easy! Just match the paint colors to the numbers on the canvas and start painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my kit?

Allow 1-2 weeks for creation and delivery.

What's included in the kit?

Each kit contains a custom numbered canvas, a set of numbered paints, 6 brushes, a reference guide and a free tips and tricks ebook.

Can you explain how the number of colors in a Paint by Numbers kit affects the total time needed to finish the painting?

The time required to complete a Paint by Numbers project can vary significantly depending on the number of colors involved, the complexity of the image, the size of the canvas, and the individual's painting pace. Here's a general guideline:

  1. 24 Colors: A kit with 24 colors is likely to be less complex, making it suitable for beginners or those looking for a relatively quick project. On average, you might spend 10-20 hours on such a painting. The fewer colors mean less time spent switching between paints and possibly larger areas to cover with each color.
  2. 36 Colors: With 36 colors, the detail level increases, leading to a more intricate painting experience. This can take around 20-30 hours to complete. The added colors introduce more nuances and shades, requiring more careful attention to detail and potentially smaller, more precise sections to paint.
  3. 48 Colors: A kit with 48 colors is likely to be quite detailed and designed for those who enjoy a challenge and are willing to invest more time. Completing such a project might take 30-40 hours or more. The high number of colors allows for a rich, detailed, and nuanced final image, with many small sections and subtle color transitions.

Remember, these are approximate times and can vary widely based on individual speed, painting techniques, and the amount of detail in the kit. The key is to enjoy the process and not rush, as Paint by Numbers is as much about the painting experience as it is about the final outcome.

What size is the canvas?

The painting area is 20" x 16", with the total canvas size being 22.5" x 18.5".

What type of images can I use?

Any clear, high-contrast image like family photos, pet portraits, or landscapes works best.

Can I make changes to the design?

Minor adjustments are possible; contact us immediately for modifications.


PaintMood invites you to embark on a creative journey with our Easy Paint By Numbers kits. Each kit includes everything you need to create personalized wall art, give a thoughtful gift, or enjoy a relaxing hobby. Don’t miss out on our limited-time warehouse sale—order your Easy Paint By Numbers kit today!